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Question by Uki: Does your religion blocks you from doing good?
I have to say, I quit my old religion because I found that religion before judgemental and very stereotyping. I used to believe in all the things my religion said, until I discover the world outside and found out that it wasn’t true. What’s worse, my religion doesn’t accomodate to do good to a certain kind of people, and be kind to someone whom that it condemns, like homosexuals, jewish, etc.

Am I wrong for quitting religion because I wanted to do good to all mankind and not being judgemental and negative stereotyping?

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  1. All religions block your inner feelings of love and what you feel is right. It’s part of the control.

  2. “Does your religion block you from doing good?”

    No, quite the opposite – it has freed me to do so.

  3. Well, you must accept others and not be judgmental, to generally be a good person, so I’d say say it was OK if that’s all the said religion is about, but if that’s just the people in the religion, then I’d just depart from them and not the religion itself. But it’s your choice, so…yeah…

  4. hell, no…
    As an Atheist I go to nursing homes which are run by Christian organizations and kick the walkers from under old ladies, just for fun.
    I also spread vegetable oil on the floor and watch them fall and break their legs, it is howling fun.

  5. Never may that happen. Organized religion is by and large hypocritical. They do not hold fast in the truth of God’s Word. But that is not at all God’s fault. [John 8.44]

    (Romans 3:3-4)
    . . .What, then, [is the case]? If some did not express faith, will their lack of faith perhaps make the faithfulness of God without effect? 4 Never may that happen! But let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, . . .

  6. Which religion you speaking about?

    Any way your self responsibil to save your self from Hellfire

    find true religion, follow what God has sent down, He knows better, don’t lose your self forever in Hellfire

    can ask here:

    can read more here;

  7. no, I left my religion, Uki.

    you are doing just fine.

    btw – Oberon says “hi”

  8. My personal belief, is that I can not interfere with the free will of others. A great deal of Christians and Muslims seem to show no good deeds.

  9. Quitting religion because it’s judgemental and stereotyping, is judgemental and stereotypical.
    You have not given your religion a chance if you feel that way and feel the need to tell everyone. To hold faith does not mean to follow rules or judge other people, We are called to do good in this world, and if you aren’t able to do that for yourself, without being critical and making excuses, you are the problem, not religion.
    My faith calls me to do unto others as I would want to be treated. That means I accept all people for who they are and love them to the best of my ability. Where there is need, I am to try to bring change. My religion empowers me. It never blocks me from doing what I need to do.

  10. my religion does not stop me from doing anything


  11. Well, see, you should love who does wrong, but hate whatever they do that it wrong. That’s what I believe, and I am a Christian.

  12. No, it helps me do good.

  13. Religion precisely defined is the WORK done by man to please a deity. It matters not whether you are moslem, xtian ,hindu, name it. Religion is the sum of the “good deeds” of man. Religion is tiresome, burdensome and a waste of dear time. Jesus came and perfectly accomplished ALL the good work God ever desired to be done here on earth. This is the work that automatically becomes our own when we believe in Him. In short you got nothing left to do other than BELIEVE, and this makes you a son of God. Isnt God wonderful?

  14. religion doesn’t tell u to be harmfull to other people. for example many jewish people get the wrong interpretation that christians hate them because their jews or that muslims hate them because thir jews. it depends what kind of religion you are. most religions tell you to be tolerant of other religions but only harm to defend your religion which makes sense because if you love God and some atheist dick offends him then you might harm them. (not tellin u to do so) i know that some muslim religions do tell u in their teachings to harm jewish people but if u arent of that religion and simply jewish christian or any peacefull muslim harm is not tolerated. do u know that jessus said u shall love your neighbor as thy self do you know that if you kill for no reason you go to hell . its ridicoulous to think that all religions want you o harm for no reason. all religion tells you is to love your religion to be proud of it and to defend it.

  15. You are not wrong for quitting religion, religion has kept more people out of the Kingdom then it ever brought in. We need to live by the two commandments that sum everything else up, love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. There really is nothing wrong with living life and enjoying it. I am a minister and I love life. I do not preach that there is “sin” out in the world, I preach that the Kingdom of God is within ALL OF US, the spirit is from God and is in everyone. Our souls are a different matter of course, and that is what God wants us to work on. “Even unto the salvation of our souls..”
    No one can come into a relationship with Christ is they life in fear or judgement. ..There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus..”
    My advice is to live your life in a way that makes you have joy within yourself and use moderation, all things are good in moderation.

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