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Question by Erik T: Do you think Science can fit in with some of the ideas of Buddhism?
Before you get all uncomfortable about this hear me out. In physics you have Causality or cause and effect. basically every cause should have an effect and it’s huge in not just physics but in logic, statistics, natural science, and computer science. In buddhism you have karma which is basically cause and effect and it is also big in hindu and other eastern religions.

In Buddhism, hinduism and taoism there’s ideas of Pantheism which means we all are one with the universe and nature and we all are basically growing or expanding at the same time. the theory of relativity say the universe is constantly expanding and the big bang theory is just rewinding that expansion to one, singular big bang.. Hence we are all one from this big bang.. Theres even enlightenment in Buddhism which just seems like mental evolution and many Buddhists believe in evolution because their religion doesn’t contradict it. Does the eastern religions seem to make more sense from a science perspective? Obviously I don’t believe everything about religions and cultures but it really seems like the eastern religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are some what logical. would love to know what you think about it.






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Answer by Human
It can obviously agree on some points that have nothing to do at all with spirituality. Whether you want to use reality to justify your beliefs is fine, but the world is the way it is whether we like it or not.

The cyclic cycle model of the universe is incorrect,[1] so I don’t understand how their belief that everything is a cycle will fit into reality.





Although they were going about it the wrong way, they were genuinely trying to see patterns and find out why things were the way they were. This is what separates them from the western “philosophies” that were created to control populations.

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  1. I think Buddhism is willing to adapt to science. One of the many reasons I choose to follow its teachings.

  2. Science has learned a lot about the mind and body by studying Buddhist monks in meditation. Some have such control over their metabolism they can sit in a freezing cold room covered only with a wet blanket, and dry the blanket by raising their body temperature.

  3. Pantheism holds that all things are in reality one and distinctions are illusions.

    However, it is more logical to conclude that the things in reality have real differences along with real sameness at the same time.

    That is the analogy of being.

  4. For thousands of years people have had experiences of mystical union or cosmic consciousness in which they experience oneness, and in which they see through the illusion of a personal self and personal consciousness. They have experiences where they experience time as an illusion of sorts, and that space (the universe) and consciousness are the same thing. Quantum physics seems to verify this. It’s amazing how people have had these experiences (enlightenment) and swear they just know it’s true even though it defies the mind and creates a paradox, and as it turns out science is only now realizing there is something to the concept of a holographic universe, etc. Fascinating. Nice observations you made also.

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