Question by Karl By Starlight: Do You Like International Metal?
I just found an astounding Classic Metal band from France

Sortilege – “Majesté”

I swear, You won’t be disappointed…\m/ So, what do You think?

Bonus Question 1: How many countries do You like Metal bands from, and what bands?
(Best answer for this one will prolly get BA)
Bonus Question 2: How does America Metal stack up against the rest of the world?
Bonus Question 3: Who is your favorite Classic Metal band?

Best answer:

Answer by Luke808666

BQ1: pretty much all the european countries, the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Israel and Brazil.

Finland: Stam1na
Germany: Equilibrium
Sweden: Meshuggah
France: Gojira
Poland: Decapitated
Norway: Dimmu Borgir
England: Porcupine Tree
USA: Dream Theater
Australia (my country) :Psycroptic
Canada: Cryptopsy
Japan: Maximum the Hormone
Russia: Arkona
Israel: Orphaned Land
Brazil: Sepultura

BQ2: It’s good, but European metal is much better
BQ3: It’s either Metallica or Megadeth

(edit) I didn’t realize Septic Flesh were Greek, so add that to my list

child of the grave made a slight mistake, Psycroptic is from Tasmania, an island off the southern tip of Australia, not France, LoL.

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