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Question by ʟɪʟɪтн: Do you believe that we are living in a time of a great shift in human consciousness?
Regardless if you believe in the 12-21-12 doomsday thing… Would you say that an abundance of unexplained phenomena is happening around the world; human consciousness, extreme weather, etc.?

Your thoughts? What’s your Moon, Mercury, 9th House?

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Answer by J Balls
I have a feeling it has to do with the internet/social media sites. Generational dumbing down and laziness.

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  1. Yes, o human of understandment. I believe heaven is at war with hell in the sky right now and heaven is winning. Why? Because all the people whom abused their power before are now facing heavy losses. Example would be some guy at my work got fired after people found out he was prejudice. He was a real bastard firing people at random when he was in charge, it’s nice too see the fall of the malefic

    Moon in Sagittarius
    Mercury in Gemini
    9th house in Leo

  2. Yeah some people are temporarily whackadoodee.

    P.S. Someone has been eyeballing my yahoo activities but I’m not even referring to that person.

    It sounds like you’re talking about the Ascension 2012

    Taurus moon, Pisces mercury, 9th house Sagittarius

  3. Absolutely. I know it is. I could explain in detail but it would take too long and its complicated. Plus my mind is elsewhere. Its the exact opposite of the previous comment about the dumbing down. Info is shared so fast and spread so far it is making people more informed. Information is power and people.of all kinds are empowering themselves. The most civilized populations are the least violent overall. Everything going on now is people waking up and initially it will be chaos trying to understand. It will take some time, but the increased speed of technology and information will make it faster and more abrupt that previous big changes in civilization. I have good feelings about it.

    9th cancer
    Aqua sun mercury
    Pis moon venus mars
    Sag uranus jupiter neptune
    Sco saturn
    Lib pluto

    @beatingheart I agree with all that except it being MORE feminine. I believe that side is catching up. You need a balance of both. More of a harmony of the best of both. I dont know if thats what you meant. Theres so much more… lol

    @jana Its so much deeper than financials and politics. It is a human thing. It is a spirituality thing. No one is trying to drag you into it. Like the republicans, if youre not on board, youre left behind by your own choice. Not saying im a democrat, but their ideals are facing more of the right direction socially and globally .

    @jer I cant help you.

    Oh and I have to correct the part about the most civilized being the least violent. Thats obvious. The most civilized are the most intelligent, which is why they are the least violent.

  4. Simple answer is yes.
    In what manner are we shifting? into a more femine thought process. Also those who know will tell you. Change your thought pattern. You manifest your thoughts. Good or bad you created it. Time to write your own story. Stop waiting for someone to lift you you must lift yourself. No savior will come to rescue you. You are the light. You have one of two choices how you will love. Fear or love. That simple. You give love you get it. Stop watch tv eat right love yourself and your youniverse

    You are right there is so much more. As above so below. I was refering to the galactic 12 & 13 chakra male/female

  5. Every time a generational planet moves into a new constellation,those that are born during that time bring into this world new consciousness..It’s not a matter of acceptance or not.They are born for that purpose to move mankind forward.Those that experience these movements as transit are generally experiencing these transits as outside influences that alter their personal events. But those born of these generational influences have a new mindset , purpose ,higher conscious,lower conscious and evolving conscious.The evolving conscious are the ones that take mankind to the next level…in every area related to the energy involved .

    Mother nature works with Creation by design.We plan..HE plans.We sleep,we die and time is Infinity.

    I added Black Moon,because I have not read a description yet to do justice to its true meaning astrologically.

  6. The outside of me idea I follow are the ones by Bashar and the Galactic Family. Personally, I only know what’s happening right now, I just can’t be too sure about next week. As Bashar explains it, there will be on that date a crossing on the threshold of positive momentum outweighing the negative. So, for the first time in thousands of years and like never before, there will be slightly more positive momentum in our collective consciousness and it will continue to grow as the next years go by. He also says that the universe is more positive than negative, and that whatever will happen on that date will be your own complete experience. All possibile circumstances already exist, and you simply choose the one you prefer according to your strongest beliefs and definitions of what’s possible. When someone asked him about the end of the world and the illuminati and such he said, we will not give support to fearful theories. I think it’s because he knows we are the Creators of our own reality, so there is really nothing to be afraid of, it’s just more of you you discover. Check him out.

  7. sure whatever

  8. Cha Homie!!! I believe it!! I do not think its going to happen over night as people believe.. I think its only the beginning of a very long transformation for our whole world. Thing is, it has to be a collective shift of consciousness… We are all rowing the same boat and we are not going anywhere until we are all rowing the same direction.

    So with that being said, its going to take a very long while but its starting. I’m afraid things could only get worse before they get better but the shift is inevitable, its just a matter of how long and how much worse things have to get before everyone decides to get in the damn boat and ROW TOGETHER!

    Taurus Moon Trine Neptune.
    Mercury in Scorpio.
    Empty 9th House.

  9. yes, for the worse. fkers will continue chopping trees, we will continue eating the sh1t full of hormones and carcinogens, you won’t be able to find water at certain parts of the world since they all turn into deserts, the poor gonna suffer harder and this democracy and human rights games we like to play will be history unless aliens probe us all and inject us some more of them cause %2 difference from monkeys didn’t quite work.

    seriously though, i just can not see any reason why things should improve instead of getting more rotten. world population increases everyday, economy is bad, weather getting wierder and more unpredictable, middle-east rebel against their leaders – everyday sh1t load of people dying in syria – do we give a shit? we just say awww bad bad dictator killing his own people! MY BAD! they also send angelina jolie over there too so i should not forget that! hah. russians and chinese support syria goverment even though there’s freaking obvious bloodbath… and if it was up to america they would just put their puppet goverment there and start pumping oil and just protect israel so they can continue killing people too.

    no, no.

  10. It’s what I’ve heard about.
    Even that we are more able to see ghosts and spirits. We are growing closer in vibrations. Once we can see and talk to ghosts, I think it will change our consciousness for sure!

  11. There won’t be any catastrophic physical event or change and there won’t be any other sort of change. When 21st December 2012 arrives and Planet X or Nibiru has once again failed to appear, there is no sign of a pole shift, the galactic alignment turns out to be a damp squib and we haven’t been scorched by any solar flares, the woo-woos will proclaim it’s a “new beginning” or a “change in consciousness”. In reality, nothing will change and everything will carry on just as before.

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