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Question by Simon Peter: Difference between “white” magic and “black” magic? Please comment on quote below?
The question was posted recently and I couldn’t find it later to respond. For anyone who responded that there’s a difference, that “black” magic is Satanic, while white magic is not, what you would say to the following?

Direct quote from Anton Lavey (founder of the church of Satan) in “The Satanic Bible”:

“There is no difference between “white” and “black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “white” magician himself.”

Lavey reiterates this many times, having researched the roots of all these things. He’s also made statements regarding neither being from God, so these powers can only come from one other source. Christians agree.

Also, in tracing the roots of these and all related religions/magic/religious philosophies (including New Age) to their genesis, we find they all sprung from ancient mystery religions, esp. Egyptian & Babylonian.

According to Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 11: 3, 4, all such are deception from Satan.

Best answer:

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I think there is a difference between white magic and black. A big one. white magic has nothing to do with Satan.

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. Well what i think is that white magic is good and black magic is bad sort of like witch magic and stuff.

  2. Anton Lavey was a Satanist, NOT a pagan. His opinion on “magic” can only be accepted as far as one trusts it.

    My fiance is a witch. She claims that magic is magic just as fire is fire. It can be used for bad things, it can be used for good things.

  3. Yes my friend, you are right. Satan would have people believe that white magic is good – because that is how he can hook those who would not go straight into Satanism, which is too “obvious”.

    The Lord bless you and may you continue to shed light on those areas Satan seeks to keep in the dark.

  4. The only difference between white magic and black magic is that black magic has more destructive powers and white magic has healing properties. Both magic is from the same plane and both require certain phrases/chants and certain rituals. They are both the same in a sense that they are magic.

  5. There is no difference between the two except the level of deception involved towards the user of the magic. “he came to set the captives free” By Dr. Rebecca Brown is a very good book.

  6. white magic- tricks that entertains

    black magic- spells that make one sick or worst, kills

  7. Poor deluded souls should really read and study more!

    “Magic” is simply learning to connect with the energy of the Universe, then gathering, generating and directing that energy for a purpose!
    Black or Dark Magic refers to energies directed for ill intent (to harm someone). White Magic is done for good purposes (healing).
    Anyone who has developed the skills required to do magic understands that not only is dark magic against Universal Law, but it all comes back to you, everything you put out in life! So if you are putting out negative energy, intended to harm, you will harm yourself in the process. It is not wise to harbor negative energy.
    Now, let’s look at what happens in your church on Sunday….

    So ol’ Ethel is gravely ill and in the hospital. The minister wants to pray for her during the Sunday service. He says a prayer for Ethel, and the whole congregation thinks of Ethel, they think of her getting better (gathering positive energy) and they direct their collective energies to her in the hospital. That is White Magic! It is also basically the same thing that happens in a witches healing circle! Different language, setting and understanding of the process, but it is the same process!

    Now, go forth and ponder this before you wish ill intent to us witches, heathens, pagan and so called “Devil” worshippers again.

    Blessed Be our Earth Mother and ALL her Children! ; )

  8. When it comes to black vs. white it seems that black always accuses white of being the only racist: “there is no difference except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden, rightousness and self-deceit of the white magician himself” sounds like a black VS white comment to me.
    It is believed in the Wicca religion that black magic CAN be used for good but that Great Caution is to be used with any magic, Black Magic is referred to as DARK magic for many reasons. Wicca do not believe that bargaining with Demons is just for any situation, suffering terrible circumstances is a reflection of most Black Magic spells. Thus the term Black Magic.
    In the Dictionary:
    Black is completely Dark with No Light. 2) filled with anger or hostillity. 3) hopeless, so depressing as to end all hope. ETC.

  9. White magic is beneficial in some way.
    Black magic is destructive or harmful.

    Atleast that’s how I understand it based on my extremely limited knowledge on the topic.

    And according to Christianity, Lavey would be correct. Neither white or black ‘magic’ is from God. According to Christianity, all “magic” is satanic.

  10. To start off with, Satan is a christian figure….we are not of the christian faith, and do not believe in Satan.
    There is always going to be good and bad in the world, this is just a fact of balance.
    But as stated in a previous answer, magic just is.
    And even though all witches are not of the same beliefs and traditions, one thing holds true for all. Everything depends on the intent. We do not seek to control or hurt others or alter their destinies for selfish means.
    “An Harm Ye None Do What Ye Will”

    Therefore, anyone who practices any type of “black magic” as you put it, will get the same intent back upon themselves times three. This is called the ThreeFold Law.

    I hope this helps and you find what it is you seek….


  11. all magics are bad in christian perspective. if your interested on mythology, white magics are obviously are from the divine deities-healing and ressurection are the popular white magics… black magic are primarily magics that inflict harm on others without using elemental magics (fire, earth, wind, and water). example are curses

    however, the ressurection and healing that you find in the bible are not considered as magic but miracles from God

  12. Well, for this Witch “white” magic and “black” magic are far too simplistic. There are few absolutes in life, in faith or in magic. Besides that the terms are more than a little racist. (What makes a “white” something good and a “black” something bad?)
    I think Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan is another Christian denomination, nothing wrong with that. Like a lot of folks who work with magic I don’t believe in Satan and I don’t use the terms in question.

  13. lavey is a satanist, satan was made up by the christians, therefore everyone who claims to be a satanist is christian.
    it would be better off to search for resources that are not christian in nature when refering to magick. hope this helps you find a better answer to your question.

  14. For one, Satan is an invention of the Early Christians and was added to the bible during the reign of Constantine 200 years after Christ’s Death. Black and white depends of which way you wish to practice the magic but it is good to know and understand both because there should be a balance in knowledge as well as life. You could say you have life so there must be death to keep a balance in the world. There is nothing wrong with magic, it just depends on HOW and WHY you use it if it is bad or good! As for where it comes from, you will find references of magic clear back to prehistoric times, not just or esp. Egyption or Babalonian! And again, the bible was written and edited by MAN, not god!

  15. There is somewhat of a difference.
    but that difference begins in the heart of the Witch themself.
    and to be perfectly honest,
    99.9% of magic, at least, is varying shades of “gray” because no one’s intention can be completely good or completely bad.

    Blessed be.

    by the way,
    though I can’t in good honor speak for *all* of us,
    most pagans don’t believe in Satan.
    and neither do Satanists,
    Satanists worship themselves.
    their own idolistic ideals that they hold for themselves
    and those worthy of their acquaintence, etc.

    Satan *worshipers* believe in Satan.

  16. I have been reading this book out of purely entertainment purposes. It is a book of Self empowerment, Not of worship other than the worship of ones self. His views of magic are of Christian origin and a projection of his beliefs. (his form of satanism is indeed a soft form of Christianity).
    Magic Just is.
    Good and evil are again manmade terms to guide behavior.

    Nature and the universe should be revered, loved and its powers can be harnessed.

    I do dislike misrepresentations of faiths.

  17. Two sides of the SAME COIN.

    satan really enjoys presenting two sides–as if one is automatically good and the other automatically evil–when both are equally evil: that is the trick, that is the deception.

    Seek Jesus Christ crucified–seek His holiness with a heart purified before God.

    Seeking anything outside of this is sin, no matter what it is termed.

  18. As I see it, of course Lavey is going to give credit to the one HE worships. That is HIS perspective. As for my guilt-ridden righteousness, I have NOTHING to feel guilty about. I do NOT recognize satan as an entity, much less worship him in secrecy.

    Just because it is what the Christians and the church of satan believe, does not make it so. They have belief and fear of this entity, I do not.

    Yes, these powers do not come from the Xian god. He comes from MAN’S imagination. They, the powers, come from a connection with the Earth and Elements, very real things.

    White vs. black, that’s where intent comes into play. If the Witch has good intentions it is what some would call white magic. Those without good intentions, or who haphazardly cast regardless of the consequences, would/could be considered black casters.

    IMO )o( Blessed Be!~Whillow

  19. Magic itself is neither White nor is it Black, it simply IS, the same as the wind is neither good or evil, or earthquakes, or floods.

    It is intent that colors the purpose, and that comes from the person using the magic, in this Lavey was correct, it is not the magic, it’s the person using it.

    If I use a ritual to aid in the killing of a cold virus is it Black or is it White?

  20. These are one and the same and are pillars of “Tyre” known by the initials B & J. ,

    The Adversary makes a most remarkable appearance in the first Chapter of Job verse six:

    Job 1:6
    Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. (KJV)
    וַיְהִי הַיּוֹם–וַיָּבֹאוּ בְּנֵי הָאֱלֹהִים, לְהִתְיַצֵּב עַל יְהוָה; וַיָּבוֹא גַם הַשָּׂטָן, בְּתוֹכָם.
    Now it fell upon a day, that the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

    Strong’s number 7853
    שטן = satan = sä·tän’

    This title and name is used 27 times in the Old Testament.

    There is a movement among today’s dis-informationists in the Adversary’s camp to fictionalize and claim: The idea of Satan did not start for 2 or 3 hundred years after Jesus came.


    True Christians, such as those that fully realize Christ Jesus, have not to worry about the deceptions of the Adversary and his kin.

    Do not partake of unclean things. On top of that it is a waste of time better spent in contemplation of the fullness of Jesus.

  21. Absolutely true. magic is magic. NO such thing as good white magic, and black magic is evil. God is to be in control of our lives, yet still giving choices. Witchcraft believes in putting spells on ppl and forcing them to do a particular thing their way. Even as they use say spells to make others fall in love with them.. EVIL>>>>> white magic??? I think not. EVIL. and yes magic. God doesnt make us fall in love with someone its all choice. absolutely He does not force.
    But, we also dont need to read books like from Anton Lavey to know good vs evil. ITs all in the Bible. WE arent to even touch evil books like this, let along bring them home. WE arent to play in the devils playground, or we can become very hurt before we realize it. ITs like playing with fire and hoping not to be singed, yet possible risking even being set on fire and lost. No, we dont play on the devils playing field.
    WE read the Holy Bible that tells us these things and we dont need to read from witches or even former witches about these things. Spirit of deception is there, even sometimes when its an ex witch , not meaning to deceive, but still has some residue left of the darkness.
    Go only to the Word of God for our information about such things, and then we know we will always be protected.
    Walk in the spirit of God and always know what is truth.
    you are correct, all that stuff does come from ancient religions, false religion, that is traced all the way back to Bible times. its all in history books even, that dont take a position on any of it, just tell it as it was.
    Anything of God is in His word and we need no other book to teach us good from evil or about the plan of God. Altho their our some Christian authors that do write wonderful books . But, we still check all that is said by the full word of God, line upon line, precept upon precept, as to never be taken down the wrong path. Stay with God and no deception will come.

  22. I would not trust the words of Anton Lavey about anything.

    If I recall correctly he was a follower of the Father of Lies.

    However in this case Anton does agree with the Apostle Paul saying that all such deceptions are from Satan.

    I’m not sure there is such a thing as “White Magic” or “Black”.

    In any event the Bible says stay away from it all.

    Pastor Art

  23. Just the names. They are equally evil.

  24. White magic, black magic, or any other kind of magic comes from a wicked source. Best to run away from all of it.

  25. It’s interesting that the founder of the church of satan would take the time to address this issue. Could it be he’s afraid that time is running out for the one he serves to deceive people with more of his lies?

  26. Anything that exalts It’s self above the word of God Is evil ! Black or White magic Is evil.
    Both are a forms of manipulative practices to bring about the will of someone other than God’s will.
    Evil Is evil reguardless of what color you call It ! These things go against the Free Will that God gave each one of us to use. They cast their spells chants,Incantations to gain control over a person or situation. Not of God !

  27. IMO, one cannot define magic as black or white, blue or red, green or purple because like defining something as good or evil, it is a matter of personal perspective. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What might be good in your eyes might be bad seen through mine.

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