It is two tracks; Muslim Genocide and Aftershock, both performed by Devilry for the EP that goes by the same name – Muslim Genocide. Lyrics: Beneath contempt yet in the eye of the storm Of instinctive aversion and scorn From sombre apprehension ascending Murderous clamour of waging war Redemption refused, impious condemnation Finally discord has taken its toll No compassion, thirsting for extermination Bathing in genocidal anticipation Iconoclastic infidels Anointed in bigotry Abolish the divine and blessed Demented revelations of Mohammed Vomit inducing imposing pompous spires Pulverized to the defiled ground All-consuming profane decimation lust Mosques levelled down to dust Sweeping resistance without respite Nothing inflicted too heinous or vile With utmost impudence Reciting hymns to wounded Striding victorious among carcasses Termination of wretched existence Abolition of divine and blessed Demented revelations of Mohammed Paradisiacal visions dissolve in a pool of blood Martyrs of yore uselessly bled Last glimpses caught before inglorious demise Infidels shaving the dead Muslim genocide [4x]
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