Jan 082012

Merlin returns for a fourth season. Star Colin Morgan assures us that, even with the Knights around, Merlin will remain at Arthur’s side, and also reveals that this year the boy wizard will be in “fight mode”! Click here for all the latest Merlin news, reviews and interviews: www.digitalspy.co.uk
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  15 Responses to “Colin Morgan: ‘Merlin is in fight mode’”

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  2. I’m so used to him wearing a neckerchief that I got sooo distracted watching this interview, since he has the top of his shirt open. XDDD


    Oh, Colin, I’m glad you’re as excited by Dragoon as I am. XD

  3. @HorseyGirl29 lol Your screen is too dark, Colin is definitely still a pasty Irish boy :D

  4. I’m sorry, what? Morals and truth? WoW, you surprise me, baby.

  5. Morals ?! OMFG. No Colin, it’s about a COMPLETE lack of them.

  6. “why do you think the fans have latched to Merlin and Arthur’s relationship?” I didn’t get the answer, at all lol. did he even answer that properly? :D aww Colin I love you anyway <3

  7. “why do you think the fans have latched to Merlin and Arthur’s relationship?”
    “I think it’s about morals”
    No Colin it’s because you’re both sexy ok.

  8. I dunno if its my screen that is too dark or if Colin has been on the spray tan :)

    Either way, cuuuuuuute

  9. it isnt just the series that has matured. Colin has as well! heaps!

  10. he sounds like, a man! very different voice.

  11. One of my favourite shows. Brilliant!!! 5th season too!!!!

  12. Merlin…Learn a decent healing spell!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you….more information is Always welcome. (correct information, that is.)

  14. ahhhhhhhh the man looks hott here as always

  15. lookit his reaction to old Merlin XD he got excited =D

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