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Question by son92: chemistry?!?
answer the following briefly.
a. where and when did chemistry begin?
b. what are the related sciences that make use of chemistry?
c. where can a chemist work after graduation?

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Answer by John F
We don’t know. Chemistry outgrew from alchemy, which has been around an unknown length of time.
Agriculture, biology, medicine.
The Pharmaceutical industry.

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  1. I hate chemistry =[

  2. … How did Chemistry begin? Alchemists The alchemists of the 16th and 17th century tried to change one substance into another for the society including changing ‘base metals’ such as lead into gold. They also discovered arsenic and zinc and others Robert Boyle Robert Boyle was the first to define an element. Priestly and Lavoisier Joseph Priestly was an English chemist – by collecting gas produced when mercury (II) oxide is decomposed by heating, and thus being the first person to isolate elemental oxygen. Antoine Lavoisier was investigating the oxidation of mercury in air. Lavoisier measured the mass of reactants and products in the reaction. He demonstrated that oxygen was the component of air responsible for the apparent increase in mass observed in combustion reactions. Lavoisier’s contributed to the Law of Conservation of mass. Francisco

  3. a. The chinese have been experimenting with salt peter mixtures and using them to develope various “gun powders” since about the 9th century. I’d call that chemistry. The best place to learn about it would be here.
    b. Most sciences relate and make use of it but especially astronomy, physics, material science, biology, and geology. I would suggest that physics is less so, and that biology, and material sciences depend on it more so than the others.
    c. Analytical labs, Environmental testing and field work, Engineering positions, material science work, food industry work, pharmaceutical labs, crime scence investigation(tough to get a job here, few positions), any production facilities like manufacturers of hair spray and shaving cream all need chemists. The money is in the pharmaceutical and engineering positions, run away from environmental and analytical as they are horribly underpaid.

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