Jan 122012

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Jan 102012

Question by answergeek: Is there anyone who can tell me a website that can give you downloadable hypnotism?
I have gone to websites but you have to pay for it.I was wondering if there is anyone that can help it’s for a good cause.

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Answer by clown

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Jan 092012

Question by wi_saint: Has anybody used hypnotism to help themselves accomplish something positive in their life?
Whether it be smoking, weight loss, or some other objective…
What were your results and feelings about it?

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Answer by rndyh77
Yes. I was given a technique to overcome stress and anger in my life. I was VERY comfortable and confident in the psychologist who worked with me. He gave me an understanding of what hypnotism is, submitted me to an initial session to work on me allowing myself to become impressionable and then worked with me on the technique to overcome stress and subsequent anger.

How did it work? It is by far, and I will say again, by far, the best thing I have ever done. Depending on your insurance, it may even pay for it. It was sooooo wonderful. I use it any time I feel stress and it absolutely has improved my heart and blood pressure. My blood pressure is down and the only thing I’ve done different in my life is manage my stress.

I would make sure you are comfortable with your doctor, but I would go for it.

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Jan 082012

I had to share this with you… Here is a pamphlet I have from 1898 which highlights beautifully how much changed in the world of hypnosis in the last century but also how much similarity still exists in the principles applied and the way people market their hypnosis courses and services; testimonials, reduced fees, guarantees, even back in 1898! Love it.

Jan 072012

Question by livitup11: Is hypnotism a legitimate form of therapy?
I’m interested in seeing a hypnotist to help with my weight issues and possibly some other things. Is hypnotism legitimate? If so, how can I find a reputable one in my area?
I exercise regularly and I eat a balanced diet w/o purging or anything, however I DO have moments of anxiety where I binge to the point where my stomach feels fit to burst. This is why I believe hypnotherapy may be appropriate.

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Answer by greatwifeandmother
It is for some people, but works best for the people who believe it is going to work

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Jan 062012

Question by B: What do you think about using hypnotism for self improvement?
I have seen this stuff out there and many people I know are very distrustful of it. I kinda don’t blame them but I was personally thinking about looking at some of that stuff to try and understand my sub conscious side of myself better.

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Answer by joane
i think it’s a good thing. i have known people to lose weight and quit smoking by hypnotism. good luck to you

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