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Question by justsomeone: Can I get rid of my fear of shots by getting hypnotherapy?
I am trying to get over my fear of shots. Does anyone know if hypnotherapy can get rid of it or of any other ways to get rid of it?

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yeah i went to some counseling before aand they told me in order to get rid of the fear you have to try it and your fear will be gone for example if you are afraid of being outside your house you have to go out to loose the fear lol my fear is flying in an airplane i am trying to go to hawaii and im hoping to get rid of my fear before going to hawaii so i would have to fly somewhere alse before going to hawaii hope this makes sense to you its actually really simple just get a shot and you will lose your fear to it you know what really helps is to look another way when you are about to get the shot act as if you were not getting one squeeze on something and think of something else rather than the shot you will be shot fear free in no time!

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  1. ive never been frightened of getting shots but if i feel a bit nervous ill just stare at it when im being pricked.

  2. I don’t know about hypnotherapy.

    If you go to a psychologist or a clinical social worker, they can help you get over it.

    The way they treat phobias is by exposing you to the thing you fear. If you want to, you could do a little self-treatment. At the pharmacy they sell “lancets” for diabetics. They are cheap. Get a pack of them and practice getting a “shot” with the lancets.

    If you don’t beat it that way, see a psychologist or clinical social worker.

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  4. i can only say this because i have the EXACT same problem

    it takes a LOT to get over that fear, and i personally don’t think hypnotherapy works

    but if you’re just getting some shots (immunization, etc.), just do these and it should make it less of a problem to get them

    1.)take Ibuprofen (approx. 2 doses with the last one being around 30 minutes before you get the shot.
    2.)don’t even worry about getting it (it helps with the fear)
    3.)”play piano” with your hands and feet during the shot(s) (it helps speed up the process and gets your attention off of the needle)
    4.)get a doctor that is nice to you (they can help you stay calm during)
    5.)DON’T SQUIRM AROUND (this can be the worst mistake that you can make while getting shots)
    6.)the numbing rub that they use now is MUCH better than it used to be, and make sure that they “slap” the area that is receiving the shot several times, this makes the skin more tender so they can “stab n go”

    if you simply follow these rules, it should be an almost painless injection

    hope this helps :D

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