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Rate & Comment… Abraxas Santana 1970 Got a Black Magic Woman. Got a Black Magic Woman. I got a Black Magic Woman, Got me so blind I can’t see; That she’s a Black Magic Woman she’s trying to make a devil out of me. Don’t turn your back on me, baby. Don’t turn your back on me, baby. Yes, don’t turn your back on me, baby, Stop mess around with your tricks; Don’t turn your back on me, baby, You might just wake up my magic sticks. Got your spell on me, baby. Got your spell on me, baby. Yes, you’ve got your spell on me, baby, Turnin’ my heart into stone; I need you so bad, Magic Woman I can’t leave you alone.

  23 Responses to “Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ~ Santana”

  1. very very very very very very gooooooooooooood

  2. @usernameinvalid8 Have you heard how they turn “Gypsy Queen” (the instrumental second half of the tune) into “Third Stone from the Sun” in concert? They work together seamlessly, which probably explains why you thought this sounded like Hendrix.

  3. this song is fun to play on guitar hero

  4. @OldMusicftw Then Carlos perfected it.

  5. good song to get high

  6. With Santana’s music, you can feel the heat of the sun baking in the sand. And two lovers lying in it-

  7. ¡Mágico! y ¡extraordinario!

  8. @athruz09ful I have….

  9. Its amazing how people know about other great bands but not the best one… funny isnt it?

  10. esta´super esta versión

  11. first time i heard this song i said “hmmm sounds alot like Jimi Hendrix”

  12. sorry guys, but this song became epic with Santana’s tone. This is a fact.

  13. Hey Stupid its remarks like that , at bars that get people hurt dumbass.

  14. @59lespaul100 Fleetwood Mac didn’t cover it you dumbass they made it.

  15. To the people arguing. All due respect to Peter Green who was a great talent. but Carlos made this song into a epic for the ages.

  16. When I first hear this my brain orgasmed, died, and was reborn.

  17. Who cares it is steal a song for the ages BECAUSE OF SANTANA

  18. @robj1men Just like the injuns stole it from someone else and them before them.

  19. Fleet wood Mac musican may have wrote it . But like anything else in life who made it a great song  Santana Santana Santana. Like America is great it was stolen from the American Indians

  20. got a black magic woman, got a black magic woman i got a black magic woman so blind i cant see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I was inbetween 4&5 years old when this album was released. I thank my parents and God for giving them such great taste in music. This is part of my roots. I was raised listening to this as well as so many other great clasics. I am greatful as I was fortunate enough to be growing up in the east bay of northern CA at such an important period of time for music. This is just one shining example of how music deeply touches the soul. Thank you Carlos & company!

  22. I bought this album on vinyl and played it all the time. The first song “Swinging winds crying beasts” was an excellent expression of modern jazz.” Black Magic Woman” stands apart for the guitar solo that proved Santana is a master musician. The bass line was virtuosity personified. The latin percussion made it a favorite in hispanic populations throughout America (Central & Southern too) “Oye como va” was original by Tito Puente.But his rendition packs more power. Truly a masterpiece of pop.

  23. @athruz09ful not really since its only 5 minutes

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