Black Magic Potions – Can You Prepare at Home?

The country of origin for Black Magic Potions is Africa. But it is often rather erroneously associated with the powers of darkness, evil forces and the devil and with rites and rituals that are usually condemned as satanic. The use of evil witchcraft, negative energy and voodoo dolls is often linked to black magic, though it might not always be true. It is often said that necromancy is encouraged through black magic.

One of the main reasons why practicing black magic is almost looked down upon as a crime and wasn’t a much opted path is because in west Asian or middle eastern countries, animal as well as human sacrifices were integral parts of Black Magic Potions and practices. Practitioners of black magic in these countries often demanded new born sacrifices and the blood of beasts for offerings to please Satan.

The different types of black magic forms are compassionate embodiment, divination and thaumaturgy and so on. Following are a few recipes for Black Magic Potions that you can try out in your home.

Bat’s Blood Ink

If you want real and 100% authentic bat’s blood ink, then you have no option but to catch hold of a bat, slit its throat and use the blood that will flow down as ink for writing. But it is a very creepy idea and sends shivers down everybody’s spine.

So you can use the following substitute that is more convenient. You may use a very high quality scarlet ink and mix together myrrh and cinnamon essential oils in it or similar scents. You can then safely call it bat’s blood and use it to write.

Come To Me Oil

You should use the purest available version of sweet pea essential oil. It has got magnetic powers and can easily draw strangers towards you. If you want to pick up girls at the bar or want to get picked up by guys, you should dilute sweet pea essential oil with a perfume diluent and spray the mixture on your clothing.

The fragrance is charming and hordes of people from the opposite sex will be drawn towards you. So you have to be careful about what kind of people you want to hang out with.

For come to me oil, you may use other essential oils such as narcissus oil or lemon oil or gardenia oil or jasmine oil or rose oil.

Attraction Oil

You have to blend together equal parts of sandalwood oil, vanilla oil, lavender oil and rose oil to form a uniform mixture. When you wish to attract somebody, you can rub this oil mixture on your pulse points.

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From the greek “thauma & ergon” meaning “miracle work”. Glasgow band that recorded on the Sarah Records label (1988-1994) and achieved some success. Single from 1992.

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