Question by Coffy: Black Art: Who is the artist and what is the name of the painting?
I saw the painting on someone’s Black Planet page about 4 years ago. The painting overlooks a Black couple (male/female) sitting together in a bathtub. I would like to know who the artist is and what the painting is named.

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Answer by Artlady
I wish I could help you out. Why not go to the library and browse some books. Two that I have; “African American Art and Artists” by Samella Lewis, and “Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance,” by Richard J. Powell, would be a good place to start. I didn’t see any paintings like the one you described. However, if you personally look through books, a certain style of painting might be similar to the one you saw. Get that artist’s name, and then do a search on her/his art.

Good luck to you!

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