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Themes explored: Predictions, 2012. Taken from “Transformation Matters” (2007). For more information and material visit:
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  1. Judge by the fruit sweetness and nourishment not the tree

  2. He forgot to roll his ‘R’s….

  3. How do we know that Bashar was not banished from his Home world because he was a criminal or insane, like General Zod and his rebels were banished into the Phantom Zone by Jor-El and the Kryptonian High Council? How do we know he was not exiled here on Earth like The Great Gazoo, from the Flinstones?

  4. @murleyjohn scaring someone into choosing YOUR way is not love…telling someone that THE ONLY way (to not go to hell, to save your soul) is to go YOUR WAY is not only wrong, its rude & offensive. let ppl make up their own minds. saying theres one way to heaven is like saying there is one way to paint a picture or draw a drawing or compose a song..its ass bakcwards

  5. @shmayy – U said “.preaching there is only one way is just about as ignorant as it gets” ….actually it is as loving as it gets. The truth shared in love is necessary to turn one from the path to Hell and put them on the path to Heaven. Jesus said narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and few ill find it. Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go in by it….He said He is the Way the Truth and the Life….no one comes to the Father except through Him.

  6. how someone realizes their spirituality and awakening is of no importance. whether its form dunking your head under some water and saying a few prayers or through intense self introspection of a shamanic ceremony doesnt matter, as long as your awakening is TRULY genuine. the awakening & realization of your divinity, & the divinity of all that is, & the beauty that this exists on its own, through its own pure will to exist, is the recognition of god. this IS the source, this is god (2 me)

  7. @murleyjohn god is not a person with wants and needs. you ahve personified a force..the force is all that is and its natural will to exist and flourish with life…in this infinite reality there are infinite possibilities. this infinite “all that is” which came to be from nothing (a miracle that only a godly force could manifest) provide sus with infinite possibilities to reach infinite different states of being and happiness..preaching there is only one way is just about as ignorant as it gets

  8. @bones36100 – He is that important. You do not really understand what you are saying with that statement. Please read the series of posts I made in response to Shmayy above. Please understand your sin has made you an enemy of God. My sin did too at one time. Because of our sin against a Holy God, we deserve Hell. Only god is truly good. But while we are were still sinners and His enemies, He demonstrated His love for us to give us a chance to be forgiven…..JESUS is the only way to God.

  9. @ shmayy – When we repent of our sin and turn to God, place our faith in the Savior, Jesus. We are born again of God’s Holy Spirit and our sins are forgiven. He makes us anew spiritually. He gives us a new heart with new desires to fellowship with Him and love Him. He calls us His children and eternal heirs of His kingdom with Jesus. It is the only way to have eternal life. I pray you will understand this and come to Jesus. He loves you and wants to forgive your sin. He paid it all for you.

  10. @shmaay – Not intolerant at all but loving to care enough about you, whom I don’t even know, so that hopefully you will respond rightly to God’s offer of forgiveness and salvation, eternal life in Him through faith in JEsus Christ.
    God does not want any to perish in Hell for their sins. He is very patient and wants all to come to repentance (turning from sin) and faith in Jesus Christ.
    He is very willing and desires to forgive your sin. He wants to adopt you into His family. >>>>

  11. @ Shmayy – By doing this on the cross, He paid for your sin and my sin. This is a debt we could never pay. By believing in Him and accepting this free gift He offers and placing our faith in Him for salvation, He wipes our debt clean. God no longer sees our sin as a debt we have to pay. But He sees us as sinless and able to be in His presence because Jesus has forgiven our sin and washed us clean by His shed holy blood.
    It is not intolerant my friend for me to try to show the truth to you. >>

  12. @ Shmayy, –from previous – In this way God retains His characteristic of not tolerating sin without punishment. God hates sin. We have all sinned. None of us are good Jesus said. The standard of Good is God. Sure you and I may seem good if we compare ourselves to another person. But that is not what we should do. If we compare ourselves to true Goodness (which is God) we see we are terribly sinful. Jesus was and is perfect, never sinned. He suffered punishment for our sin on the cross (- cont’d

  13. @shmayy – Hi friend. Thank you for your statement and your question. I do appreciate being able to have a healthy and courteous dialogue with you. Shmayy, God is not being nitpicky and intolerant. His character is that He is holy and just. He will not compromise His character to tolerate sin in His presence. He is loving and merciful though also. He does not want any to go to Hell, so in His love He provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him. His Son Jesus is that Way. The only Way. cont’d >


  15. @murleyjohn why would a loving god b nitpicking and intolerant enuff to care about how people achieve spiritual enlightenment? thats a total contradiction. as long as someone is loving & understand that 2 hurt or abuse another is 2 abuse yourself (becuz we r all 1) then a loving and understanding god, would not mind how u achieve that state. there are many paths to “nirvana”. the christ consciousness is just one way. to say there is no other way is offensive and ignorant. ignorance = d’evil.

  16. @murleyjohn We are all already saved. It is done!

  17. @phillisthebarbarian – Sorry but you are incorrect. I hope God will allow you to understand the truth of His Son, Jesus Christ. If you ask Him truly wanting to know Him, He will give you understanding of the truth that is found only in Him, through repentance and faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. In Him (Jesus) is the only place we can place our faith and have forgiveness of our sins. And there is none of “good” enough to go to Heaven by our merits. Jesus lived a sinless life. In Him is life!

  18. @satsumamoon – Thank you. I hope you too are there and have placed your faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. There is no other name under Heaven by which we can be saved from the penalty of our sins. He is awesome! He is the Savior!

  19. @murleyjohn you are asleep. “Jesus” was prodcued around 400 AD by a group of Catholics in order to keep us all in fear based world. If I am a good person but don’t believe in your stuff, you do not go to a better place than me. Period. Anyone who thinks they’re going to a better place simply by their belief not taking into account how they treat people is false and mean.

  20. @murleyjohn I do hope you choose to go to heaven. I wish you a pleasant ride to the place where everyone is saved by Jesus and where demons don’t exist.

  21. @OneAngryMuffin2010 a spaceship?

  22. So you can only predict things if you know that you feel the energy of the change that is about to happen???
    I hope i can experience that

  23. @OneAngryMuffin2010 He is a scam artist that has deluded people into thinking he is an alien channelling through him. It’s hilarious how many morons have actually fallen for it.

  24. @Agui007 duh what do you think hollywood is there

  25. This is clearly a demonic entity possessing this man. DO NOT LISTEN TO IT! Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, NO ONE comes to the Father except through Him….You cannot go to heaven and be in God’s presence as a sinner. You need to have your sins forgiven. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection paid the sin debt for all who will repent and trust in Him ONLY for salvation. Please realize this Bashar´╗┐ is demonic and is trying to deceive you so you will spend forever in Hell.

  26. Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become igotnarn.

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