Question by pgm: awareness..?
why do some people intend to disregard the issue of global warming…even if people are aware with that they do not do something..however if they do something its just temporary…why do people don’t cooperate seriously…sometimes they take it for granted….as they say they just do something if its very too late…why there very people who always break rules…for instance those factories…cars and also people who are creating pollution and sometimes they are the first one complaining…what would be the possible thing to do in order to have temporary solutions to stop this global warming…(this is just like an overview because this has so many effects and people are the mostly affected victim)…

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Answer by nyskiermom
I think people don’t take it seriously because they can’t see the results of doing the right thing. Global warming happened gradually and it will get fixed gradually.

Our government (all governments) need to pass laws about car efficiency and corporate pollution and then enforce those laws.

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