Question by IM4REAL: At the “Planck” level of quantum physics, scientist have said that “consciousness” must exist down to…
…that level given the fact our brain cells have micro-tubules that connect to that level from the macroscopic world…and at the “Planck” level, time virtually stands still…

Is this not a scientific explanation for the concept of an “afterlife?” Follow my reasoning here…if time stands still at the “Planck” scale…then “consciousness” could exist forever in a “timeless” quantum level, and that timeless level is connected to our brain cells in a “micro-to-macro” ascending way…Is not this a logical implication or “ramification” of the information?

(sorry folks…I’m a closet scientist at heart…putting the “funny” on the backburner for this one…)

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Answer by Damn™It Marla Singer™
*staring at your crotch while you babble on*

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