Astrology Birth Chart

An Astrology birth chart is also called as a natal chart in Jyotish. This chart portrays the positions of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth. This chart helps you to make calculations regarding various events in your life and thus helps you make predictions about your future. There is certain truth in the future predicted by the astrology birth chart as experienced by people of different times and generations. Lot of people feels that the predictions of the birth chart come true. One can also make a personal astrology birth chart. It takes into account the date, place, time and location of birth and then looks at the corresponding astrological positions.

One can get the chart made in a manner that is easily understandable. Even the Chinese and European birth charts have got certain sensible aspects. Chinese charts may speak differently based on their particular tradition. European charts are unique too. They have certain concealed fortunes for different people. This depends on person to person and the viewpoint he wishes to look at his life from. If one gets to learn something from a Chinese, Indian or European chart it may be good from the individualistic view. One can get to decipher things by studying or examining the astrology birth chart. These may be details about the future life of an individual.

These charts may not be able to make accurate predictions unlike some other forms of astrology but can offer guidance and counsel to people and also give them a rare and unique view of certain special or deep aspects of your persona. You can develop your character by going through these astrology birth chars and use them in your favour in the future. Thus, you can get a chance to explore your individual or spiritual self in a better manner.

These charts help to take a deeper meaning of an individual self when examined carefully. This helps to open yourself to your unconscious or deeper self. One can thus get rid or free from strange unconscious habits or personality traits. At this stage one can engage oneself in psychological and emotional therapies.

This chart takes a person beyond the physical or material self to the sacred soul stage. At this stage an individual being is an idiom of the sanctified spirit. This stage or latent Shakti helps to build curative powers to daily diseases and offers a new energy level. By comprehending the innate energy source one can get rid of all illness ands emerge pure and holy. Thus astrology birth chart has the power to take a person to the soul or the source level. It is a chart signifying spiritual journey or providence. Thus we open ourself to the inner or deeper spirit and try to serve the true purpose of life. We thus take our life to the holy path in accordance with the divine map. In the truest sense, we connect with our maker.

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