Are those ‘TV Evangelist’ Exorcists for real?

What is the truth behind real Exorcism? Are the ’Exorcists’ on Television really doing what they claim?

These people are popular because they are excellent value for Television. They are ‘entertaining’. The reason that there are so few of them is not because they are ‘special’ or ‘chosen’ ( ALL human beings are equally special ), but because what they are doing is basically a con and only will only really  ‘work’ in a controlled and large scale environment. This is also why you do not hear of any of their followers or ‘trainees’ rising up to the same heights. The failures are hidden and buried from the public eye, with only the hapless victims knowing what the truth is.

I am often shocked by images of these people abusing their perceived position of authority by abusing people who have looked up to them for help.

Shouting at someone, pushing them physically, accosting them with a book, throwing water  or smoke on them and so on will NOT remove any Demonic entity and would only move a Spirit if said Spirit was a devout Christian ( or whatever the Religion is ) while alive and has retained enough of that belief.  Even in the case that a Spirit may have been dislodged, it is simply let loose to attach to someone else. They do not ‘go to the light’ because they are no longer able to, and with the darker entities, certainly don’t want to. They must be taken to where they belong and it can not be done in this manner at all. To sometimes make matters worse for the Spirits concerned, you have those who invoke a certain ‘diety’ to take the Soul to ‘heaven’. Unfortunately in a majority of cases these types of ‘Exorcists’ are themselves being deceived by dark Entities posing as divine spirit who are in fact taking these lost Souls to somewhere that most certainly is NOT ‘heaven’.

I have many times been called to help people who have either been to one of these Evangelist shows , or have called their local ‘Priest’ to come to their home, to not only have no change in their situation, but often be belittled and made to feel even worse by the words of the priest. The priests invariably excuse their own failure to help by saying that the victim is simply beyond help because they’re ‘too  bad of a sinner’ and must repent , or in the case of many cult religions ‘they have too much bad karma’.

These people use very polished  Neuro Linguistic Programming  and Hypnotherapy  techniques to  capitalize on their victims situation, faith, and desire for help, not at all unlike those methods employed by modern successful politicians, as well as the more established although crude methods used by Religions and Cults.

A vast majority of the performances by the people being  ‘exorcised’ ( those few that aren’t ‘plants’ working for the evangelist ) are simply a classic example of something called ‘peer pressure’. Where these people are suddenly thrust into the spotlight and their subconscious mind simply supplies the required ’symptoms’ and subsequent ‘healing’. Information on this phenomena is readily available in the many studies done on mind control and the human subconscious.

I guess the bottom line is that while these ‘Stars’ are crying  ‘we do what Jesus did’ , or ‘ I am the reincarnation of ——-‘. They are amassing massive fortunes at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with earning a living by being an Exorcist or Healer, any more than it would be wrong to earn a living as a Doctor or a Carpenter. 

But these TV ‘stars’ , Religious and New Age ‘leaders’ are not practicing what they preach and that is hypocrisy.  That is not right.

 There are genuine people out there who can and do, do this work properly and effectively, but they are largely in the background. Not jumping around on Television or pumping out self gratifying books, and not charging people for ‘multiple sessions needed to dislodge the Spirit’ as some in Religions and the ‘New Age’ do, another con to relieve people of their money.

 And the genuine people ARE practicing what they preach.

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