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Question by Elisa Woods: **am i a good writer for only 14 years old?? short please HELP?!?
**ANY OPINIONS?** (look at my other one too)

In a world so fast, so full of demands
I pause at the thought: its all in my hands

As for me:
All sit’s still, I cant help but wonder why?
This world is so complicated and full of lies
This world is a picture, thats what I say
Its time that I start painting for a lifelong display
Why live in for tomorrow?
For it may never come
Its about time this world gets something done

As for death:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
This half spoken hello is your next goodbye
Nothing lasts, that’s what they all say
In a shorts time notice well be digging your grave
The dirt piles in and the rest is history
You might as well run away, remain a mystery

As for love:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
If you love her then why would you make her cry
Love is the fruit of life, that’s what they all say
why would you begin if you knew you couldn’t stay
‘I love you’ is a powerful phrase
Not meant to be judged or forgotten the next day
Love is patient love is kind
Genuine love is never easy to find

As for time:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
The clock on the wall sings duet with mankind
Time ticks away and tells us what were left with
Make the most of it now, for each second is a gift
The stopwatch of life has no pity on you
When the seconds run out, you’re done; no room to argue
Time is the key, that’s what they all say
Without goals and effort, youre no more than a potters’ scrap clay
its about time you learn to let go of the past
after all this next breath? … could be your last

Best answer:

Answer by jrushing70
its okay for someone else but I did not find it interesting

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  11 Responses to “**am i a good writer for only 14 years old?? short please HELP?!?”

  1. You Are An Amazing Author, I Think This Is Some Great Stuff!

  2. *tear*
    Absolutely beautiful
    I bow to you in defeat (…not that I’ve done anything to counter)
    Just that…it’s really good and – if you really are fourteen – you are a good writer! YAY! *grin*

  3. I think it’s amazing! I’m fourteen myself and never in a million years could I create something this well written. Great job!

  4. I think that that’s really good! You should post this on mibba.com. it’s really organized on there, and the people there give you good criticism.

  5. Oh my Gosh!!! You poems are absalutly amazing. I think you should change you’re question to. ‘How good are my poems? Awesome? I know!’ They are like the best ones I’ve ever heard! And I’m like dead serious!! I did a poetry project last year.. I feel bad for my poems!! They were horrible!! Your words flow smoothly, and they all rhyme. YOu are completly awesome. Never give up, and to all those people who are like. please learn to write poems (If you get any) They are DEFENITLY just jelious!! Ok well I hope you go far with your poetry.

  6. erm, bit overly-sentimental and trying to be overly-emotional and overly-complex. there are was of utting across string emoticons and complex feelings in a poem without stating it so easily.
    im not saying this is bad, but its not that great, and its not my thing personally.

  7. its great
    you should definitely get involved in some writing contests

  8. i love it :)
    very moving

  9. Your are so amazing!!!!!!!!

  10. Good…I like the message. Would you answer mine, i am 13 and would like your opinion.

  11. Wow! thats is a beautiful poem! for a 14 year old that is really good. Im 13 myself. Love the last line!!!

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