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Question by Victor J The Creator Of PWSR!: alchemy transmutation circles? is possible to use a transmutation? if so how?
I want to know how to use transmutation circles in alchemy if it’s possible and don’t worry like the laws of real life magic (a.k.a witchcraft which i don’t do by the way) i won’t harm a single human being on purpose i’ll only use it for my own entertainment and for others entertainment and to protect my self and others from danger if necessary (which is what i meant by harm noone on purpose)! p.s.: if someone wants to e-mail me the answer please teach me how to e-mail i have never e-mail anyone on yahoo before lol.

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Answer by andrewsarah2006
Alchemic transmutation circles are a myth, popularized by the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I like anime as much as the next person, especiall this one, but transmutation circles don’t exist. Alchemy is a primitive form of chemistry, though some(including myself) do believe that ancient alchemists did know some secrets that we have yet to discover. Alchemy is science, pure and simple, no matter how unconventional it may be.

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  1. NO!,although researches were made about transmutation circles and the philosophers stone it was not proven to work

  2. the only working way to change one atomic element into another is with fusion, or fission reactions.

    Through out history people have tried for generations to turn lead into gold, without any success except to con a lot of wealthy folk out of their gold.

    but if your interested in this sort of stuff, then check out the myths about the philosopher stone.

  3. nah in FMA u see this a lot but you really cannot do it in real life what you can do however is to use your hands to make a difference

  4. transmutations have been scientifically proven a myth. alchemy was introduced in the midevil era. the circles are drawn depending on what element your transmuting. there were originally 4 elements that grew to many more. the circles consists of the elemental symbol, the 12 signs of the zodiac, and other midevil writings.

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