Jul 022011

6min gameplay video of a noob necromancer.

  25 Responses to “Age of Conan Gameplay – Necromancer”

  1. @frog12345667891011 its free now

  2. The chick is tied and not wearing underwear… She practically wants it man how come?

  3. is it rise of the godslayer?

  4. pros: nice graphics and phisix , good but almost poor storyline, good character costumization
    cons: didnt saw one yet ^^

    Pros vs Cons = hey im already installing it ^^

  5. @MasterXCV I’m faced with the same dilemma. I’ve made my decision though. I’m simply going to play both XD which will be easier when AoC becomes free.

  6. why is a spellcaster using melee?

  7. @thiessen35 thank youuuu!!

  8. omg the guy was fucking attackin on 2 shields and not on 0 OMGZ O.o

  9. Are u gay or too poor to afford clothes?

  10. Idiotic.. when you kill a guy with that giant spear, lying on the ground.. all you can loot is a piece of scrap :p

  11. I played this when if first came out and i played it for a week and went back to wow. There was a bunch of things i didn’t like but mostly i didn’t like how people that where 10 levels higher than you would come into a low level instance and gank everyone in the instance. Tho the thought of a open instance is extremely kool and more dungeon like.

  12. @MasterXCV Everyone likes Different Style Gameplay and honestly i Prefer AoC, Its Just….Fun :D

  13. Can you tell me about the game cuz i played wow, and after watching this i think wow sucks.Im big fan of Conan books even if theyr old but about the race is it like u can choose to play as Cimmerian or Nemedian or like Stygian tell me plz.

  14. @roman11777 No. The boobage will find a way, it always finds a way.

  15. @MasterXCV I quit WoW for this.. It was the best decision i ever made.

  16. @Rune2269 she said captive

  17. for this game i shoul pay money??



  19. is there nudity in this game? can you avoid it?

  20. @Rune2269 lol yeah XD

  21. shit

  22. @Rune2269 she said captive.. lol

  23. @thiessen35 Heh, np I don’t like it either when I want to see and hear the gameplay!

  24. @MasterXCV Well I think they have a never ending free trial now so check it out!

  25. thanks for not putting your preferable music in and keeping the gameplay music. annoying as fuck when ppl do that.

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