Nov 192013

Question by Crazy Cupcake: About how long did it take turn wolves into chihuahuas?
Apparently all dog species came from wolves, so about how long did it take to turn wolves into chihuahuas?
Sharon, are you insane? And Cookie, how is it a question for Google? 99% of questions here can be answered on google but then this site would be obsolete! Also advising people to google the answer is against community guidelines so how about next time you leave that unnecessary comment out hmm?

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Answer by Sharon
The same amount of time it you……. to turn from an ape into you.

Evolution is certainly not fast, in another 1,000 years your dog could have wings and take over from humans as the “Superior species’? Would be great for animals to have revenge on us who have abused them for do long…Karma!

magic, not insane but you do get some trolls on here..

Well evolution shows human ape like fossils dating back 600 -2 million yrs ago, with others found since showing the differences leading to our form today.

t’s known that dogs have been domesticated for quite a while, but it’s not all that clear how it originally happened way back in the beginning. The oldest known fossil belonging to a domesticated dog dates back to around 14,000 years ago. However, there is no actual fossil link between ancient wolves and the smaller dogs that were discovered from the same time period, lending some questions to whether these smaller dogs were domesticated wolves or a separate but related breed of animal. In fact, the origin of dogs (not wolves) has been quite a mystery. There are theories that man took wolf cubs from wolves and domesticated them anywhere from 10,000 years ago to 140,00 years ago but the exact time frame is still unconfirmed.

Although the subject continues to be controversial, most authorities now agree that all dogs, from chihuahuas to dobermans are descended from wolves which were tamed in the Near East ten or twelve thousand years ago”. Which to me dosent seem to be a very long timeframe…evolution is amazing.

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  1. According to the latest research from archeologists the changes started almost 300,000 years ago, far longer than was originally thought. This is a question that should be addressed to a “google” search, not here.
    The do know that it was so long ago that there is nothing left of the original wolf behavior in the canine species anymore and they have also found that the “pack theory” does not exist in the current canine groups, nor does “alpha” and the dominance theory exist in the canine population.

  2. People talk about evolution when discussing wolves to dogs. It isn’t evolution at all, no natural selection, no adaptation, just selective breeding supervised by man.

    Domestication does not take nearly as long as people like to pretend it does. Research the domestication of fur foxes in Russia.

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