Oct 052013

Question by Jillian Higbee: 8 questions that little kids ask about science?
I need 8 questions that little kids ask about science for a project. the questions have to deal with biology,chemistry,earth science,astronomy,physics,etc. THANKS!

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Answer by leah
i dunno. why is the sky blue? stuff like that.

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  4 Responses to “8 questions that little kids ask about science?”

  1. why the sky is blue ?

    lol , got it from the one above

  2. What is science?

  3. How are mountains made

  4. I don’t know, I’m making these up on the spot….

    Why are my eyes brown/blue/whatever?
    Why don’t we fall off the Earth?
    Is Pluto a planet?
    Is there life on other planets?


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