Apr 232011

Is there really any such thing as toxin that has the power to destroy you completely? I mean, completely. Ocean of Heart My ONLINE Art Port-folio: www.thewhole9.com Transmutation Mutation Gene Regenerate Liferegenerator Laboratory Synthetic Natural Dark Light Luminous Being Human DNA Pattern Consciousness Awareness Focus Attention Field Energy UFO Change 2012 Revelation Paranoia Fear Love Above Below Down Up Zero Neutral One Oneness Equal Equality Knowledge Gnosis Ancient Wisdom Exposure Sickness Illness 101 Advice Explanation Spirit Soul Matter Flame Essence Burning Fire Sun Power Strength Egg Shape Form Frame
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  8 Responses to “36 – Transmutations 101”

  1. Hey, I do not understand what this means…

  2. new UG Krishnamurti

  3. Good one:)

  4. Thank You, Laszlo.

  5. I started creating the gift for you as we agreed. Or, as I actually agreed with my self ;-) It is gonna be a veeeery evil one… hahaha :-))))))

  6. Like Craig said what I was thinking. Your right on.

    In Love and Oneness

  7. you say the words that I think.. and I know you are a very good copy of me.. it’s beautiful :)

  8. This is a very good video. Deep/

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