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Yui’s version of Alchemy from the Girls Dead Monster “Keep the Beats” album for the anime Angel Beats! No copyright infringement intended. All rights their to respectful owners.

  25 Responses to “「Angel Beats!」 Girls Dead Monster – Alchemy (Yui version)”

  1. @sakurafran18 haha… LOL

  2. @Cillranchello Why you so angry bra? Everyone loves different music some like rap others hate it, some like country others hate it, some like instrumental and once again others don’t. Saying it’s shit is your own opinion not a broadcast saying fact.

  3. @scratiegirl What I think happens to be reality. Keep defending shit, I haven’t had an idiot to point and laugh at for quite a while, and I think you’ll do just fine.

  4. 2 people experienced Yui’s German Surplex.

  5. @Cillranchello It doesn’t, you just think that.

  6. @scratiegirl Apparently it does mean that. Amazing how even a year later you people are still trying to defend utter shit.

  7. 2 people are NPCs who transformed into shadows.

  8. @Cillranchello I know a lot about music, and understand it really good. And I like it! So what if I like this version, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have real understanding or appriciation of music.

  9. wow, great version, like iwasawa’s voice slightly better though =)

  10. @CutApplesz the album didin’t make me sad but i did cry with joy to see that her strong will and passion is still with her band,

  11. @Cillranchello didn’t really have to say “fucking sucks” but i get your point and i would have to agree with you, btw i am a musician (can play guitar, bass, procussion, trumpet, learning violin)

  12. @sasarai95 yeah right whatever that critic crap. I think both versions are good. thay both did well singing this song and even though iwasawa’s ver. is better this ver. still rocks. whatever you people talk about…

  13. @Cillranchello

    As a fellow critic, I considered your opinion. After re-analyzing the music a number of times, I think you are right. People should not go straight into “flaming” that’s a bad attitude… the concept of the song is “GREAT” but the way Yui sings is not great at all. That’s what he is trying to say

  14. i love yui’s voice, but the meaning of this song speaks for iwasawa’s personality rather then hers, so emotions are stronger in iwasawa’s version compared to yui.

  15. @CutApplesz Only because it was WAY overpriced. I got this album from Anime Expo 2010 in LA and it cost me $70.00! Then the Iwasawa version was not on it. I was kinda sad.

  16. I really like Yui’s voice, but especially for this song I think Iwasawa fits better.
    Listen to 3:37 and you’ll know what I mean. That part sends chills down my spine when Iwasawa sings it.

  17. @Carrotqween
    I know its just funny how all the popular people do that xDDD
    Just felt random

  18. @Animelover4ever1540 Oh god. Please don’t type like that.

  19. @EchoKamelot i like both ^.^
    i have preferations, and at times i like one, and hate another

  20. @Cillranchello Thatss Just Yourr Opinion Like Youu Can Do Anyy Better Thann Them.! >:P And Dontt Say Thingss Suck If Youu Cant Even Do Itt.

  21. I think those who perfer a more upbeat confident, rock ver. like Yui’s personality would perfer Yui’s voice

    While those who perfer more softer, mellow, deeper ver. would like Iwasawa’s voice, cause it fits Iwasawa’s perosonality ^^

  22. @juppiecookies I agree with you. I like Yui’s voice better but I still like Iwasawa’s too. When Yui sings it sound like she has more confidence in her voice and like you said a more melodic voice

  23. awesome.. <3

  24. In my opinion…
    Both versions are great but i prefer Yui’s voice compared to Iwasawa…She have a stronger and more melodic voice.

  25. tbh i think Yui fits better than Iwasawa on Alchemy =oo

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